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BROCHIER Systems and Pipeline Engineering

The nationwide supply and installation of complete systems and equipment for water and wastewater engineering as well as extraction, treatment and use of sewage gas and sludge are part of specialty of BROCHIER Systems and Pipeline Engineering GmbH. Our expertise is more than just the construction and maintenance of systems. As system provider we are your contact for energy efficiency and the use of latest technologies as well as for the implementation of the latest laws and regulations.


In Germany the annually produced amount of wastewater is more than a several billion cubic meters...

Sewage Gas

With on average 20% of the total energy requirement of a municipality, the sewage treatment plant is the biggest energy consumer.

Sewage Sludge

The sludge resulting from wastewater purification and treatment is very important as an energy and nutrient source for energy self-sufficient treatment plants.


To meet the increasing need for top quality drinking water, the respective suppliers should use the state of the art technologies ...